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What is our service, and which insights are we providing?

You may want to know how we can support you in selecting your commercial products. In this section we explain which forecasting indicators we are providing, which additional decision guidance we are offering, and how we are structuring our commercial paper sites. Because we simplify investment decisions.

Key Facts

For each commercial paper you will find some key facts like the symbol, a summary of the forecast indicators, and finance numbers of the company.
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We provide you two different forecast indicators: expected price trends and news sentiment.
To predict the expected price trends of investment products, we use mathematical, statistical methods. You can decide to view the forecasts for stocks, ETFs, currencies, and crypto currencies.
The news sentiment gives you an indication what has been posted in the internet about the respective company. News may have a high impact on future price trends. We analyze online publications of the day, and calculate a news sentiment score out of it. A score of +1 means that the news are very good, 0 is neutral, and -1 means that news are very bad. News sentiment analysis is only available for stocks, not for ETFs or currencies.

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The chart consists of two components:
Hover your mouse over the dots of close price and news sentiment curves to see more details.

At the bottom of the page, we provide you additional information about the commercial paper. How is a currency converted into USD? Is the profit of a stock growing? Who are the top shareholders of an ETF? We want to provide you the best overview about the commercial papers you are interested in. So, we not only offer our forecasts, but combine this with facts for better decision guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is foreverycast.info?

It's a website with finance products forecast and news sentiment analysis about the different companies. As an additional service we provide a Bot, Artificial Intelligence which creates own virtual portfolio.

What is a Bot?

A Bot is a Robo Advisor which uses Artificial Intelligence methods, like Reinforcement Learning, creating an own virtual portfolio. By himself, Robo Advisor finds investment decisions to maximize the portfolio value. Learn more about the Bot

On what are the Bot decision based on?

Following parameters are important for the Bot: closing price and news sentiment.