Insider Trading Overview, one sample t-test

Latest rejected null hypothesis t-test is for insider Campbell Michael Earl , latest action by insider was SALE on 2023-11-20 for symbol EQIX.

The overview represents results for last seven days for insider trading. The traders were tested with one-tailed statistical test. The test validate the distribution area for one value, the value is greater or less than the certain value. Testing the null hypothesis that the trading activities mean is equal to a specified value μ0 with following expression: t = (x-μ0)/(s/√n)

sample mean
sample standard deviation
sample size

The overview we do one tailed tests. The goal is to identify if insider trading had statistical significance. If the inside tradings have statistical significance, then it could be mean, that the insider information advantage.


Person A BUY and SELL shares of one Company.
If A BUY a SHARE and in the following days the share price goes almost every time up.
If A SELL a SHARE and in the following days the share price goes almost every time down.
The hypothesis is then following: every time, when A do an action (BUY or SELL) then it has no significant influence on the expected value. Person A trades randomly and has no advantage information about the future price development.
Accept: Inside trader tradings are random
Reject: The tradings are are statistical significance Trader get positive trading for his actions.

CIK Name Last trading symbol Last trading date Last action t 1day p 1day T-Test # t 7day p 7day T-Test # t 14day p 14day T-Test # t 30day pp 30day T-Test #
1592539 Schulz David S. WCC 2028-03-01 SALE 0.69 0.54 Accept 4 0.51 0.64 Accept 4 2.33 0.10 Accept 4 3.17 0.05 Reject 4