Currency Bot Portfolio Performance

Most recent currency Bot decision buy for Iranian Rial. Bot portfolio virtual value is 4955.50

Actual portfolio value
Decision Date Chart Link/Currancy Name Bot Decision Money # Of Units Portfolio Value
2024-05-24 Iranian Rial buy -44.55 126004930 4955.50
2024-05-23 Iranian Rial buy -44.55 84004005 4955.42
2024-05-22 Iranian Rial buy -44.55 42001541 4955.45
2024-05-21 Portolio is empty sell -44.55 0 -44.55
2024-05-20 Iranian Rial buy -34.61 42001220 4965.39
Decision Date
Timestamp when decision was made by the bot
Chart Link/Company Name
The name of the product. Empty portfolio is showed as "Portfolio empty".
Bot Decision
The decision that was made by the bot.
That column represents, virtual available cash
# Of Units
The number of products in Bot portfolio
Portfolio Value
The virtual value of the portfolio. Price of the available products plus the virtual money

Our vision is to simplify investment decisions by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Say goodbye to information overload and confusing charts. Investments are not difficult and people have access to the stock markets. But if you want to invest, there are so many possibilities to buy different financial products. How to decide which stock is the best one? Our AI provide to you additional information.

Our AI uses finance product value information, combines it with analyst opinions, and includes the current news. Once analyzed, the data will be aggregated and shown as a simple stock value forecast.

The decision is made once a trading day, ETF Bot makes a decision at the weekend. Over night, our Bot calculates the best decision using the closing price. All the forecast data is valid for closing price. The value of the Bots portfolio is based on the closing stock price, and not on the forecast values.

The Stock Bot and ETF Bot are not linked to each other, each start with the same virtual amount, 1,000 units. The trading costs, at the beginning are 10 units. Every decision is logged in the value list. The Stock Bot decides for one of the stocks from included Stocks. The ETF Bot takes most common ETFs.

Besides the portfolio decisions, the start page contains top flop share forecasts for one week and top flop news sentiments. Everything is based on past values.

Complete Exchange Rate decision list from the bot

The table above shows decisions of the Artificial Intelligence

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