Serenity Capital LLC at 2021-06-30

Filling information for Serenity Capital LLC as Treemap, investor disclosed 4 total holdings based on 2021-06-30 SEC fillings. A list of the exposed holdings

Product name

Product description

Changed holding value / amount

Total Holding Value, based on SEC fillings over time
CUSIP Symbol Name Title Of Class Value in 1000's Amount
482497104 482497104 KE HLDGS INC SPONSORED ADS 1192 25000
98980A105 98980A105 ZTO EXPRESS CAYMAN INC SPONSORED ADS A 180927 5961350
74704P108 74704P108 PUXIN LTD ADS 1217 680000
109199109 109199109 BRIGHT SCHOLAR ED HLDGS LTD SPONSORED ADS 9307 2195075

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